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Accelerator.guide is a founder focused and accelerator agnostic information directory/resource discovery platform. We review / curate the best information about different accelerator programs, about the accelerator experience and about how to navigate different stages of the accelerator experience.


We also source leading practitioners and researchers to contribute original insights and case studies that founders can draw on to maximise their accelerator experience. We review / curate accelerator books, accelerator related articles, accelerator case studies, accelerator interviews, accelerator videos and accelerator quotations.


Our aim to is to organise this information into the simplest and most flexible format to enable entrepreneurs to find what they need fast so they can get back to building their business – rather than wasting valuable time on information search and review activities.


Richard Busulwa (PhD, MBA, M.Innov) is a researcher in the Business School at  Swinburne University of Technology, home to the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship. His entrepreneurship research focuses on startup evolution, entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial well-being and strategy for startups. He is co- author of Strategy Execution and Complexity: Thriving in the Era of Disruption. Richard is a startup co-founder and seed investor in cloud, IoT, Ai, blockchain, property and niche professional service firms.


Naomi Birdthistle (PhD, M.Sc., B.A) is associate professor of entrepreneurship at Griffith University and visiting professor at Alto University. Naomi has published research on entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial ecosystems and high growth firms. Her research has received numerous awards including Emerald Literati, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) and Ireland’s Network of Teachers and Researchers of Entrepreneurship (INTRE) awards.


Steve Dunn (MBA, B.A.) is CEO and cofounder of LEAPIN Digital Keys, a startup that delivers NB IoT smart access control solutions. Since its founding, Steve has led the startup through a number of different accelerators within Asia Pacific, USA and Europe. He has also led the startup through several iterations and pivots with a variety of IoT technologies, to finally find product / market fit. Steve is a mentor and coach in university-based accelerators and incubators.

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