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Understanding Funding: The Stages Of A Typical Startup Company & Its Funding Options [Jumpstart] 

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, one of your first and most important tasks is to raise the capital you need to grow your venture.  The good news is, there are more options than ever. The bad news is, it can sometimes be difficult to know where each option fits into your particular journey, especially when you’re just getting started


How Much Does Pre-Seed Equity Really Cost? [Mattermark]

Where do entrepreneurs get the best deal for the equity they give up? The data we’ll use to answer this question comes from F6S. One of the many features of F6S is a list of accelerator and incubator programs around the world. As it turns out, many of these incubator and accelerator programs state the amount of money they invest and, often, a fixed amount of equity they take in exchange for said investment.

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Are you investor ready?

During an accelerator you will meet a lot of investors who may be interested in investing in your company. The accelerator program managers will also be observing you to see if you are investment ready. Listed below are some ways you can demonstrate you are investment ready to potential investors and program managers, and avoid the 'investor red flags';


Portfolio size and information disclosure: An analysis of startup accelerators

We study the information-gathering role of a startup accelerator and consider the accelerator's incentives to choose a portfolio size and disclose information about participating ventures. We show that in a rational-expectations equilibrium, the resultant portfolio size is smaller than the first-best (efficient) level, consistent with some real-world observations.


Investor Presentation Template

Investor Pitch Template


Example Investor Term Sheets Templates

Examples of Investor term sheets provided by Y Combinator accelerator, and used by all teams that participate in Y Combinator.