11 tips for startups to gain initial traction [Forbes]


One of the most challenging facts that you’ll have to come to terms with is that no matter how innovative your product is, you won’t have any customers if they aren’t aware of your startup. Even more challenging is figuring out how to attract your first customers

90% Of Startups Fail: Here's What You Need To Know About The 10% [Forbes]


Nine out of ten startups will fail. This is a hard and bleak truth, but one that you’d do well to meditate on. Entrepreneurs may even want to write their failure post-mortem before they launch their business. Why?

Read this Before Applying to an Accelerator [Founder Institute]


Getting accepted into a seed-accelerator like Y Combinator or Techstars is a major step forward for any startup. In fact, getting into any accelerator is beneficial for a startup. But how does a founder get their company into an accelerator, and when is the right time to apply? While it is entirely possible for any startup to get accepted into an accelerator, there are numerous factors that need to be thought about before a founder

Do you have the 3 qualities Marc Andressen wants in a founder [Fast Company]


Box, Fab, Facebook, Foursquare, Skype, Twitter. You wouldn’t blow too many minds if you said that Andreessen Horowitz has good taste in investments. Now, in an expansive interview with HBR

Want To Get Into A Top Startup Accelerator? Try These 3 Strategies [Forbes]


Prestigious startup accelerators like Techstars and Y Combinator (YC) have a lower acceptance rate (only 1-2%) than Harvard (5%). Top accelerators give entrepreneurs the opportunity to rapidly scale their companies over an intensive three-month program by providing access to mentors, investors, advisors and a network of other founders.

Startup Accelerator Programs: A Practice Guide

Accelerator Program Design

This practice guide explains how accelerator programmes work and supports you to think practically about setting up your own programme.

What Makes a Good Business Idea

Getting Ready for an Accelerator

Business idea checklist: Rate this idea on each of the following criteria from 1-10. 1-3 is weak; 4-7 is fix-able; 8-10 is do-able. What could you do to make each area stronger?

11 Tough Questions for Founders

Getting Ready for an Accelerator

11 Tough Questions for Co-Founders to Answer Before Starting

Deciding on a Name

Getting Ready for an Accelerator

What Should I Name My Startup?

Start Co. Reading List

Getting Ready for an Accelerator

Reading List for Start Co. Entrepreneurs

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More from Accelerators Guide

90% Of Startups Fail: Here's What You Need To Know About The 10% [Forbes]

Disrupting the Disruptors: Startup Accelerators Feel Pressure to Evolve 

How to Apply to Y Combinator


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