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What health start-ups expect from accelerators – Global survey results

We have conducted a survey among members of the global digital healthcare community and have asked them, which service offerings they value most from accelerators. What do start-ups want from accelerators?

What to Look for in an Accelerator Program []

While most accelerators provide tangibles such as funding, mentorship and access to potential investors, they're not a golden ticket to success. A positive experience depends on setting realistic expectations and understanding what these programs can and can't do

Behind Closed Doors: What To Expect Inside A Startup Accelerator [Forbes]

According to TechCrunch there are roughly 170 accelerators worldwide. Media darlings like 500 StartupsTechStars and Y Combinator churn out big successes and sometimes colossal failures -- but rarely is there a peek behind closed doors of what an accelerator is and what it can do for your startup business.

So in search of answers, Robert Wallace, Executive Vice President of Tallwave shares key insights on how it works.

At Startup Accelerators, Expect the Unexpected [Entrepeneur]

With an acceptance rate of just 5 percent for many accelerator programs, you would think getting in is the hardest part. Not so.
It has been my honor to join the inaugural class of Velocity Indiana’s startup accelerator, a 100-day entrepreneurial bootcamp designed to “accelerate” your business toward launch.

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How to Apply to Y Combinator


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