A list of questions to ask a potential co-founder

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Now that you know the type of person you are targeting to join their team (a serial entrepreneur, a tech head, or someone with some experience in startups), here are some things to look for in to identify those people. As you look at these characteristics, you might want to ask the same questions about yourself. As you read through them, try imagining yourself as an employer interviewing a potential employee. You may even want to have a formal or informal interview with your potential team member, before you hire them or give them equity in your company. These questions are just some ways to determine the characteristics you are looking for in a co-founder. You might learn more about your co-founder by attending a conference or trade show with them, or even by going to the pub with them for a few beers.

●Do you have expertise in your industry?

●Have you worked in the market/field that your product/service is in?

●Do you have experience dealing with customers like you’re looking for?

●Do you understand our problem and solution of our product/service?

●Do you really get our product/service?

●Do you have leadership skills?

●Are you passionate about our product/industry?

●Do you have a history of getting stuff done?

●Are you driven?

●Are you a team player?

●What are your achievements to date?

●Have you won any awards at school?

●Have you achieved anything significant against the odds?

●Are you popular in your community, or have you volunteered to get things done in your community?

●Are you a risk taker?

●Have you packed up your life and moved to other cities to live?

●Do you often step out of your comfort zone?

●Have you taken any financial risks in your life?

●Have you taken any risks regarding your health?

●Can you think of any times you have been courageous; never gave up; continued against all odds?

●How do you balance your work/life time?

●Are you an organized person that can make deadlines?

●Are you raising a family of five kids?

●Can you commit full time to an accelerator?

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