Do I need to make a professional video for my accelerator application?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Most accelerator applications ask for at least one video to support your application. During the 3 accelerators I attended, I asked the program managers about what they were looking for with these videos. I had worked on some documentaries in the past, a few with government funding, so I had a keen interest in making professional videos.

Some of the program managers suggested that the video to accompany the accelerator application, gave them a quick insight to the founder's personalities and their attitudes. When they watched the video's, some program managers said they were looking to see if the founders were positive, fun, and likeable. They were also looking to see if the founders were arrogant or uncoachable.

Some of the fellow teams in the accelerator told me they had spent only a few minutes making their videos, whilst others had spent weeks on it. But the program managers generally told me, they were not necessarily looking for a high production value/big budget video to support the application. Many said it did not need to be like something you see on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign.

As a minimum some of the program managers suggested all we need to do was to simply put our smartphone on our TV cabinet, get into the camera frame, press record, sit on the couch, and talk. </