What to do after an accelerator is over?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

On the morning after demo day, I woke up experiencing a lot of emotions from exhaustion, to relief, to excitement. I must also admit, I was a little hungover from the demo day after party! Most demo days are usually followed with an after party where everyone involved in the program celebrates at a local bar.

After I recovered from my demo day hangover, I was feeling really motivated by all the positive energy from the last three months of the accelerator. I was also pumped from all the excitement from demo day/the after party. When I emptied my pockets after breakfast, I found a bunch of business cards from investors, people interested in being my advisers, potential customers, and potential partners. When I looked at the names and experience of the people on the business cards, and after I did some quick research about them on LinkedIn, I was pleasantly surprised by their amazing backgrounds, their connections, and their investment portfolios.

In the next few days, I got around 20-30 LinkedIn connection requests and emails, including some investors asking to meet for coffee, or invitations to pitch at an upcoming angel investor meeting/event. I spent the next few days calling and emailing everyone who seemed like right fit for our company. The program managers advised us to act immediately on all the interest whilst we were still hot! The program managers suggested we only had a 2-3 week window to act on all the connections, before they most likely moved on to the next opportunity.

Some mentors suggested we keep in touch with the other teams from the accelerator after it had all finished. The idea is that it can be tough out there in the real world after an accelerator is finished, and so we should support each other in any way we can. The support can simply be giving positive comments on social media, or catching up for coffee to unwind. I found having someone to talk to about business who was experiencing similar feelings and situations to me, really helped. I also found it beneficial being able to 'compare investor notes' with the other accelerator alumni who were also meeting with a lot of potential investors at the time.

The three accelerators I went through opened the accelerator lab space for desk/office rent after the program finished, and although I didn't take up this offer to base our company here, many alumni did. Some alumni told me that they really appreciated keeping their same routines from the program, and having the program managers around them for advice when they needed it.

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